Dozenal Wiki

For all things Dozenal. Includes various dozenal metrology, language & symbols 

Tim, Grav, Maz (TGM)

TGM Usuel A system of measurement consisting primarily of a dozenalized version of English units. All units are related to TGM units by simple dozenal-friendly ratios. 

International Dozenal Unit System

Primel (Corn-Obol-Fecc)

The Corn-Obol-Fecc or Primel system is an alternate system based on gravity, the specific gravity of water, and joule constant (specific heat of water), as unit values.  The particular choice of working base units allow for easier implementation, without destroying the design of the system.

The Universal Unit System

The Universal Unit System is “the unit system that is constructed by using the duodecimal number system and the speed of light in vacuum, the quantum of action, and the Boltzmann constant as the defining constants in such a way that these constants become strict multiples of integer powers of twelve of the unit quantities, and the Rydberg constant, the unified atomic mass unit, the Bohr radius, and half the value of the Planck length can be approximated by multiples of integer powers of twelve of the unit quantities”.
The Harmonic System
The Harmonic System is one of variations of the Universal Unit System.
It is conceptually designed to use the relation '4πG=c0=ħ=kB0=1' and strictly defined to harmonize with human scale.